Mom: a universal term used for a person that nurtures, cares, grows and most of all, loves. She plays so many roles, but no one can play hers. Mom is honestly the warmest and safest place to run when everything becomes too much, or the noise gets too loud. There is truly no one that will love you like she does but no one will annoy her like you will. Her love is unconditional, knows no end and is always willing to give more just to see you smile. She will give the clothes on her back and give her life for you.

I asked some of the mothers at Portia M a question I ask all moms which is: “what would you do if the hospital you gave birth at called and said the child you have been caring for all these years was swapped at birth and you have the wrong child and the original parents wants their child back and would like to give you your biological child back?” One of the moms said “I would not want to lose the child I have bonded with so long but I would want to have a relationship with my biological child.” Another said “give that one to me too, I do not have much but I want all my children with me.” And I asked, “what about the other parents who want their child?” She then said “I will take them to visit but they will stay with me.”

I realised that mothers would go to whatever length for their children and sacrifice any and everything for them. I had a follow up question that “when did you feel that you were a mother? Was it when you discovered that you were pregnant or when you held your baby for the first time?” One said, “when I saw my first scan, it felt real, and I started living for my child.” The other said; “when I held my son, I felt this overwhelming amount of love that I never knew existed because when I was pregnant, I did not feel like a mother or have a strong bond with my child till I held him.”

I realised that mothers would go to whatever length for their children and sacrifice any and everything for them.

I went on to add that clearly motherhood is different from mother to mother and is not always biological because the bond you have with your child is what matters. One mother said she would rather give food to her child and starve than her child goes hungry. Very powerful thing that, a very big sacrifice many mothers do without thinking.

This Mother’s Day, we would like to give back to the mothers who give us without batting an eyelid. She need not have given birth to you or be related to you, but we all have that one lady who is or is like a mother to us. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. You are loved and you are love. Thank you very much for your unconditional love.

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